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I think there was a post in the Tari Tari thread that mentioned how little details like unevenly aligned tables and personal belongings strewn about a classroom goes a long way in giving life to the room. Likewise that's the same way I feel about mob characters.

Not to mention it can be very fun when a studio has a bit of fun with them (e.g. all the mob classmates in Tsuritama are based off the animation staff) or when a fandom starts taking a liking for said mob characters. Aquarion EVOL is a nice example where a mob character becomes an unexpected hit with fans. (coughmyavatarandtitlecough) In fact his popularity surprised the staff enough that they gave him a name along with the rest of the mob characters long after the show finished and included him in a commemorative group shot for the official fanbook. Having a mob character you like officially recognised is a very satisfying feeling.
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