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According to the Bandai President, Gundam UC is unsuitable for TV broadcast, but he did not rule out an anime adaptation depending on the novel's performance... So we might see an OVA or movie.

IMO depending on how 00 fares, we either get a Seed follow-up or a 00 follow-up in 2009. If 00 is a total disaster and Seed's popularity remains high during the show's broadcast (similar to how it was with Wing and X), then a Seed series might get made... If 00 is even remotely successful, it'll be a 00 sequel. I highly doubt both will be made at the same time, and I doubt they will air different series consecutively either (they learned their lesson with X)
Well I *highly* doubt those trashbag gundams and craptacular looking characters are going to displace the pink goddess anytime soon .

Face it...Amuro, Heero, Char...they're all washed up. Out with them, in with God Kira and Goddess Lacus.
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