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I disagree with you all.
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Two remarks on their care for Ohana:
- who the hell let creepy men into the room of a sick, helpless Ohana? And yes, I count Tooru as a 0.7 Jirou on the creepy scale. Loved the manager and Tomoe's "Ohana doesn't need your crap" scene at the end, though. At least, the uncle was bringing her food, but he probably couldn't have resisted the urge to tease her. And Jiroumaru, seriously? The hell?
- Can't they leave the remote next to her hand, instead of forcing her to get off her bed to turn the TV on or off? The whole point of a remote is to not have to do that.

Minchi realized Tooru liked Ohana, but she didn't take it out on her. Progress!

That dream sequence was really bad for Ko. But the preview sounded good. Hm.

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