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Isn't that what they call 'sex hair' or something?

I think the whole Ko-drifting-away thing is being looked upon too negatively. Isn't this a sign that she wants to go back to Ko? The fact that the dreaming sequence constituted that more 'she really wanted to be with Kou' rather than 'her giving up Kou for Kissuiso'. This is rather understandable. Her mother technically left her behind and Kou told her to go ahead and leave(1st ep). Now, she's a part of the lifestyle at the inn and people tell her she's needed. Therefore, she'll remain 'where she's needed' over 'where she wants to go', which is why she cried at the end. I'd like to remain optimistic about the whole thing =03.

Also, lol'd at the Jirou/Uncle(name?) backing away from the manager and Tomoe. That was cute.

And Tohru doesn't acquire any Ohana points this episode. Doesn't look too good for him (yes, I'm smiling).
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