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Princess Lucia

I'm actually quite surprised that nobody had started this thread, now I'm in doubt whether this is gonna be well received or not. Long story short, this manga is pretty good. I've never read "My Balls" series, but I assume the premise is somewhat similar & there's also a hint of "Rosario + Vampire", but less violent & more comedic.

It is written by Seo Kouji, who's the author of Suzuka & Kimi no Iru Machi. It is released bi monthly & serialised in monthly Blade magazine. At the moment, 2 volumes are released.


The synopsis is Koizumi Yuta (a 14yr old boy) who was born with association of 6's, if he were to conceive a child with a demon, that offspring has unbelievable power. This is when Princess Lucia comes in, a demon herself, with an order by her father, she must procreate with him. However, the obstacles in her way are, essentially, guardian angels who takes form of sensei/classmates; Mikamoto El & Kasukabe Rie. Rie happens to be the girl Yuta likes. As the series goes on, more & more obstacles gets in the way.
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