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Originally Posted by Kogetsu Shirogane View Post
Okay, the chicken men set everything on fire. Which includes JFK, the bystanders, Oswald, anyone with a camera, and themselves. Then, in an effort to cover this up, a fake video of a JFK lookalike being "assassinated" is created to cover everything up. You still cause it.
That's impossible. Realistically there are to many witnesses, and to much evidence lying around for this to be covered up. It requires that every witness that said JFK was shot to be replaced within minutes of the actuals witnesses cremation, to give the fake testimony. It requires that all surviving witnesses keep their mouth shut. It requires paramedic on the scene to not notice hundreds of burnt bodies. It requires a fake Oswald to manifest to get arrested and then shot by that Italian dude.

This is impossible, Where as the 25 Chicken suited men with flame throwers is merely preposterous.

And technically speaking, what if I arm my Chicken men with thermo nuclear devices in stead of flamethrowers? How will the destruction of the city of Dallas by Nuclear Chicken men cause the JFK assassination as we know it?

At a certain point, trying to prevent the paradox cannot work, because by merely showing up they'll change history. The only thing that can prevent a paradox, is for them to not successfully make the time warp.
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