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Originally Posted by cyberdemon View Post
If i can remember correctly didn't the interview by the producers say that the reincarnations will become clear by about the halfway point? I'm betting the speculation will come to an end with this weeks episode since it's the half way mark which would be the best episode to make the reveal.
Well, these last couple of episodes threw a few chips on the table that weren't around prior, leaving us with a few more options than before. Just to sum up:
  1. Kagura is Apollo, Mikono is Sylvia, Zessica is ???, and Amata is the child of the new legend.
  2. Kagura is Apollo, Zessica is Sylvia, Mikono is ???, and Amata is the child of the new legend.
  3. Amata is Apollo, Kagura is ???, Mikono is Sylvia, and Zessica is ???.
  4. Amata is Apollo, Kagura is ???, Mikono is ???, and Zessica is Sylvia.
  5. Kagura is Apollo, Amata is Apollo, Zessica is Sylvia, and Mikono is Sylvia. (boring option is boring.)
  6. Kagura is a dog turned human with Apollo's memories courtesy of Mykage (or he's just a vengeful sister-lusting Sirius?), Mikono is some sort of food group that smells very nicely to Kagura, Amata is a pack of WWII saltines because, as we all know, those have no smell or flavor or nutritional value, and Zessica is like the cheese on a pizza that just has to swing out and get sauce on your white shirt.
  7. Jin and Yunoha are Apollo and Sylvia, and we all got tricked.

I prefer (1.) irregardless of where the story actually takes it because its the only one that I find to make even a lick of sense if we look at the episodes prior to 11 & 12 as having been part of the overall narrative (which they were...). The others, as it stands, would need a lot of explanation as to the nature of a bunch of previous details that, honestly, seem to point this way. (2.) and (4.) are not to my liking as the details concerning Zessica have come out of nowhere all of a sudden with nary any build up prior and would feel rather contrived, and Amata seems too disconnected from the greater *visions* and *past life memories* to suddenly get dragged into it (again, this was also the case prior to Zessica getting pulled into the whole mess by a mirror). The (3.) option is not as bad as (2.) and (4.) but, again, Amata's just not been very involved in the memories and reincarnation shenanigans aside from piloting Aquarion, and has been more of a character of lineage and his mother's legacy. (5.) is a bit boring but I guess I could buy it somehow...

Amata being a reincarnation, to me, wastes a lot of character potential not only for being a "new legend" or a new page in the long book of history, but also the fact that he may just be the child of Altair and Vega which can, without prior life B.S., define his character in an unique and interesting way that would separate him from the cast, introduce conflict, and a few other yummy details. Not to dissimilarly, whoever turns out to be the eve I'd prefer to also be free of said baggage because that role, in and of itself, would provide plenty of options for depth and development.

If they give me (6.) or (7.)... /walks off.

P.S.: Its likely going to be (2.).

... /walks off again.
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