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Originally Posted by Zuul View Post
It was not a guenuine vision. It was Shrade messing with Cayenne's mind. When Cayenne has a guenuine vision a red light appears on his forehead to symbolize a third eyes. There was none when he got the vision of Mikono in Kagura's arms turning into a skeletton.

That said, another Cayenne's vision puts a deathflag over Mikono's head and it's the one about Mikono being killed (or maybe just taken away) by the Aquarion.
leads up to the same thing. Pretty confident that Aquarion is buried under that hill either way and that Mikage plans to sacrifice Mikono to awaken it.

btw, has episode 1 and 2 been released on dvd or blueray yet? Wasn't those 2 episodes supposed to be a lot longer but were cut down and aired together? Any info on the extended versions of the episodes.

edit: nvm, saw that it doesn't come out till April 25th

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