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Originally Posted by Detective-san View Post
I had no idea Meltdowner was in the Railgun anime.

She along with the rest of the [ITEM] girls had cameos at the end of the AIM Burst fight.

Which reminds me, maybe you could use Mugino's art from the PSP game as her Index design.

Originally Posted by hao-sama View Post
they were in front of the dorm, and the supervisor was like "that misaka has guts, rendezvousing in front of the dorm". the manga had the same dorm supervisor as in the railgun anime, and in the novel it just said dorm supervisor (no pics).

it was just the index anime that has a different supervisor appearance. idek if they're the same person either. since thei hair color is similar enough, i just decided to paste her there.
But that didn't look like the same dorm that Touma went to Misaka's room during the Sisters Arc... Never mind, the novel says it's the dorm then so be it...
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