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Since this thread has now been bumped, there's something I've noticed lately that I think is pertinent to this topic.

While searching the Booru sites or Pixiv for images of my favorite yuri pairs (Nanoha and Fate, Saki and Nodoka, etc...), one thing I've recently noticed is just how often yuri turns into futanari (warning: there's an image at that link that's decidedly NSFW).

This makes me, as a big yuri fan, question just how popular yuri truly is. I personally think that if a person truly loves yuri, they don't need to turn it into futanari. I think this is especially true if you compare it to yaoi, where I don't think there's any tendency quite like futanari.

On a tangental note, I've also recently become aware of how there's some popular yuri manga that's never been adapted into anime (the Girl Friends manga being a good example of this). That also makes me suspect that maybe male anime fans actually don't go for yuri all that much. Again, I write this as a big yuri fan myself. I wish there was an anime adaptation of the Girl Friends manga.
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