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I'm a little apprehensive at this stage, considering that it is now up to the states and territories to implement the R18+ rating in their own legislation, and we may see (silly) inconsistencies in regards to the rating (such as when John Rau, the Attorney-General for South Australia, stated his plans on restricting the sale of MA15+ games to persons aged 18+ back in April, and his intentions on abolishing the MA15+ rating in his state).

It will also be a while before we start seeing R18+ games hit the store fronts as well, probably by the start of next year.

Nonetheless, I'm glad that this is now finally a reality, and kudos to Jason Clare and Brendan O'Connor (the current and previous Minister for Home Affairs respectively), as well as the Australian gaming community for helping push this through.

(Also, no thanks to the vocal minority who tried to stop this much-needed change from happening.)
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