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Originally Posted by Tempester View Post
Wait, does this mean that 18+ eroge like Kira Kira were banned from being imported to Australia until now? Wow, I'm glad to see this kind of progress being made.
Generally speaking, all games that are sold in retail must be classified by the Australian Classification Board (ACB) previously known as the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) pre-2006 (there are some exceptions). This is in contrast with North America, where games are voluntarily submitted for classification to the ESRB (important difference: independent of the government) (albeit that almost all games are classified through the ESRB anyway, and that console manufacturers and NA game retailers generally refuse to sell any games that don't have an ESRB rating). Also contrast with Japan's CERO and EOCS.

Until January 1 2013, games that are considered above the MA15+ rating are automatically Refused Classification (RC), and cannot be legally "sold, hired or demonstrated" in Australia (people still bought RC'd games though, such as successfully importing copies of Mortal Kombat (9)). To extend what Destined_Fate is trying to say, games can also be automatically be refused classification if it contains the following:
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Australia has some strict laws in relation to child pornography with small variations between states.
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In short, 18+ ergoes are most likely not allowed to be brought into the country (and no one in their right mind would be trying to start up a business here trying to sell eroges). There are probably some people who import eroges anyway, though you would probably have to be darn unlucky if you get caught by customs and/or the AFP. Same would probably apply to downloading said eroges as well.

Note 1: Like the ESRB's M and AO ratings, the content with the following ACB ratings are legally restricted: MA15+, R18+ and X18+. The X18+ rating relates to content that is pornographic (graphic/unsimulated sexual content only) in nature and applies only to films.
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Note 2: Except in Western Australia and parts of the Northern Territory, it is legal to possess RC films and games, unless it contains illegal content (such as child pornography).
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