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Originally Posted by blaze0041 View Post
Generally speaking, all games that are sold in retail must be classified by the Australian Classification Board (ACB) previously known as the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) pre-2006 (there are some exceptions). This is in contrast with North America, where games are voluntarily submitted for classification to the ESRB (important difference: independent of the government) (albeit that almost all games are classified through the ESRB anyway, and that console manufacturers and NA game retailers generally refuse to sell any games that don't have an ESRB rating). Also contrast with Japan's CERO and EOCS.


To extend what Destined_Fate is trying to say, games can also be automatically be refused classification if it contains the following:
Well damn. I'm really glad I'm not Australian. Some people I know claim Australia to be a great place to live in, but they're not the ones who read erotic romance with borderline loli.

At least this bill is one step in the right direction, even if it only gets implemented in 2013.
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