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Originally Posted by Gohan78 View Post
Just watched the final episode.
Meh, what a disappointment. The writers didn't have the courage to let the series finish with its naturally sad conclusion.
All that emotional build-up for Yuuko's disappearance was nullified for the sake of a nonsensical happy end.
Stay together forever, you say? And what happens when Teiichi graduates from middle school, huh? Yeah, let's not think about that...
And having a happy ending doesn't come naturally for this anime? Oh please. Just because there was an initial emotional build-up doesn't necessarily have to conclude with a sad end. Even when there was an emotional build-up I was already expecting Yuuko to return. Not to say that a bittersweet end can't work but the theme of the series is basically a romance-comedy with horror and drama elements. But as an anime original ending, Teiichi and Yuuko happily together again is as good as its going to get.

And when Teiichi graduates from middle school he'll study in their high school. The school is that big FYI. And even when he graduates from high school Yuuko will still be around him since she's haunting Teiichi and not the school.

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