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Good final epi but i still don't get how she returned, her returning regret was a last kiss but when she did return and kiss him... shouldn't she disppear?
It wasn't that she wanted a last kiss, it's that that last kiss became the seed of her regret (it broke her resolve). You'll remember that she had steeled herself from the beginning that she had to say goodbye, and that's why she was disappearing (because she had decided it was time to go -- it's not like it's some rule). And when Teiichi finally convinced her to let him stay with her to the end (at the pool), she was crying and said "you'll make me lose my resolve". This was foreshadowing for the ending. Everything was going well again as they said their last goodbyes (she steeled herself again), but then when they shared her last kiss, it broke her resolve again. She couldn't enter heaven because that kiss made her regret leaving Teiichi behind. And so, that's why she came back, this time presumably not bound to the school (since her body, along with the truth, had long since been discovered and buried), but bound more to Teiichi, the source of her regret.

(Edit 2: I should say the way she's literally bound is obviously not clear; she may still be bound to the school even though Teiichi "brought he back". She's probably the one who cleaned-up the clubroom, because she had to have set the "trap" for Teiichi to open. So she would have been there when he wasn't around, which means she's not so bound to him that she can't leave his side or has to go with him everywhere. This part's not clear, but perhaps they'll show more in Episode 13 on the BDs, if it's in fact a follow-up episode.)

Originally Posted by Domonkazu View Post
anyway whats the song played during the book scene
I don't think it's known yet (edit: when it'll appear). It should be shipping on one of the CDs that will be included with the Japanese Blu-Ray release, I would think.

Edit: By the way, just noticed: during the credits, just before Yuuko gives Teiichi the kiss on the floor, the skull that falls off the desk is blushing.

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