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Originally Posted by Tammuz View Post
Actually buy the shit instead of torrenting it?

Heh, like that'll happen.
The thread topic was "how to best support the anime industry".

In some cases, it doesn't make sense to buy the series because it isn't licensed in your region. That doesn't mean one can't buy the swag -- figures, CDs, manga, light novels, posters, etc. As long as it isn't bootleg - those profits also go to the producing companies.

It is pretty simple - no money, no anime will happen. As long as there's a *patron* class who spends enough money on the art/performance, the *peanut gallery* (leechers) get some benefit as well. But there has to BE patronage by sufficient numbers of people or the entertainment vanishes.

I think the best ethical rule of thumb is to buy what you can when you can. If you're a teenager, you're unlikely to have the funds to buy much just like you can't afford to go to the concert. If you're a 20-something programmer making 50K euros a year... you can probably afford to visit or and pick up a few trinkets.
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