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I think every human society possesses a standard of justice and fairness, but the standards can vary widely and the importance of justice and fairness to a culture can also vary. I think a hunter gatherer tribe would usually place less emphasis on justice than a modern civilization, though the concept can be important to both groups. Ways of executing punishment and what acts deserve punishment can vary as well. Many societies also have a sense of fairness, but react to their conceptions of this term differently, and what type of treatment or privileges (if any) someone inherently deserves as part of a group.

If the universe itself has a conception of fairness and justice, I am certainly incapable of understanding it.

I believe that both justice and fairness can influence a society greatly, but the standards a society holds as just do not always play out in reality. A strong example, in my mind, is the status or abilities of the ruling class being seen as unfair/unjust by a majority of a population, but there being no way of absolving the situation.

I believe it's also quite possible, and seemingly the case based on some of the limited research I've perused, that intelligent animals that live socially can have their own conceptions of justice and fairness, on some level.
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