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Really? Because even as far as the anime has gone (which, I'll remind you, is several months in now) the raiding guilds have been raiding nearly non-stop since the game started, only taking little breaks when politics interrupt and even at one point used EXP pots to boost their leveling, yet nobody is 91 yet.

Leveling ain't easy in Elder Tale. It takes time. Lots and lots of time. Even more so now that the game is real.
There are two primary formats for MMO leveling: either EXP to next level follows a linear progression or it follows an exponential progression. The trip to 90 would be very similar in time to the trip from 90 to 91 if Elder Tales uses the exponential growth tree, where as the linear progression simply means that the trip from 30 to 90 would take a lot of grinding. In addition, recall that exp gain from kills is hampered by the prerequisite that you can only gain exp credit if what you kill isn't more than... 3 levels(?) below you if you don't take EXP pots. Presumably killing things below your level also nets you less exp than if you were at level or under, but even if that's not the case keep in mind that the Black Swords, D.D.D. and so forth only know about enemies at level 90 or below, all new content creatures at level 91 and up are unknown and they have no clue where to find them. What they were doing was using EXP pots to raise the pool of creatures they could target but not significantly that they could game the system through usage of over-leveled heal-slaves and stat buffers; effectively they would have to fight each battle without "cheating" due to the relative equality of levels (and the lack of anybody significantly higher leveled around to make things easier). Also note that Hamelin had less than a hundred newbies cranking out EXP pots each day where as the Black Swords, who are the smallest of the big guilds, has around a hundred active members; assuming Hamelin wasn't just providing to the Black Swords, there weren't enough EXP pots to go around for everybody every day (and the EXP pot's effects only last for about an hour). In an MMO using the linear progression, you could be expected to hit the level cap within a month or two of middle ground playing, and under a month if you were hardcoring it. With the exponential progression it would probably take two or three months if you were being hardcore, but it wouldn't take more than six months if you just spent a few hours each day.

I wouldn't go with 3 weeks largely because travel time is substantially greater then in game and until the conclusion of the current anime arc happens questing for experience would be limited to grinding and in most MMOs you get far more exp for questing than for grinding (which could be another contributing factor to the slow progression of the battle guilds). Taking current MMOs, assuming that the level progression is the easier linear format, grinding by just killing mobs to get to the next level would take me an average of two to four hours depending on how quickly I'd get bored. Magnify that by the need to actually fight each battle instead of just clicking a few buttons, along with travel time, along with the mental strain being substantially greater, and I wouldn't be surprised if in game grinding time is magnified two or three fold. By contrast, if I had a series of quest lines to follow, it'd take an hour for a level if I was playing legitimately, and if I had a friend along who'd just keep me topped up so I'd never need to rest, and applied end game buffs so I could deal three times my normal damage, I could get a level every 20-30 minutes if I was rushing. The numbers wouldn't be as dramatic with an exponential progression but it would still be extremely noticeable.
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