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I was kind of wondering about what if anything was going to be done about the main page Kairin, be when the holiday is all done and over with. Regular (new) edition looks great! Could do with some cleanup on the rotation lines though.

...Not that there's anything wrong with keeping the Christmas/Holiday version up for a bit longer. ...say till, July. Some of my neighbors likely couldn't agree more. ...July also of course, which is generally when the Christmas shopping season usually begins. And I mean usually, in that should you go out to the store or pick up a newspaper ad then, and you'll see there's false Christmas trees, candy canes, maybe some stupid little red and green breath mints... BUT NOT EGGNOG! Ice cubes,.. BUT NO EGGNOG! No eggnog! And because of that little fact, ..I wasn't sure if we could really keep Christmas/Holiday Kairin up around then.
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