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Originally Posted by Vicious
And I agree completely.
Griffith is one of the most perfect villains ever. Sacrificing everything to acquire power. He's the perfect representation of a "raw" human being- always desiring for power. Manipulating his own friends, and then coldly killing them all to achieve his dream.

Vicious, from Cowboy Bebop, is a perfect villain too. A very strong man, both in intelligence and strength, who will do anything to achieve the greatest political power. He's more than a match to Spike Spiegel, as SwiftStar-san said. Everyone in the underground fears the single mention of his name.

Orochimaru. Although Naruto isn't nearly one of the best anime ever, it produced one of the best villains ever. And that's the cruel and cold Orochimaru. A man with no honor, who will sacrifice even the life of his father to achieve his ambitions. An egocentrical man who's a master at manipulating people and events. Someone who wants to achieve a true understanding of everything in this world, and is willing to sacrifice anything in order to fullfill his dream. Also, everyone, not only at the Hidden Leaf Village, but at the whole area of the 5 Great Countries piss their pants by hearing the single mention of "Orochimaru". Without a doubt one of the strongest ninja who ever lived, and by far the cruelest and coldest of them all.

Tetsuo. From the greatest manga ever, there needs to be one of the greatest villains ever. The paranoic Tetsuo is cruel, cold; even though being just a little child lost in sadness and sorrow after all. I like to separate Tetsuo into 3 "incarnations": the first and correct one, the second, cruel, cold and evil one (which's my favorite) and the third, "good boy" one. His second "incarnation" was the best of all. A rebel, a vicious villain, who would achieve enything through raw power. Also, his character design is one of the best I have ever seen (I was using an avatar of his not too long ago).

Shishio Makoto. The greatest villain in Rurouni Kenshin, IMO. Very strong, and a tactical genius. Wanted to achieve the greatest power that is to rule Japan, and then free it of the "Meiji scum". Shishio isn't a "villain", but an antagonist. Like Kenshin himself said once in the manga, only the time would prove if Shishio was right or wrong. He was an honored swordsman, who fought for his beliefs. He wanted the best for Japan (or at least he thought so), so he was willing to sacrifice people in order to achieve a "better land".

Friend. I don't know if it's really right to consider Friend as a villain, at least he's an antagonist after all. Friend from 20th Century Boys is a perfect antagonist. First, no one knows who is he, actually- everyone you meet in the manga is a suspect. Second, he's a genius. A genius in politics and tatics that made himself the most famous person of the world in a very short period of time. He managed to forfeit his own death, to achieve more power. A villain that can forfeit his image and lead everyone to believe he's actually the "good guy". He's indeed one of the best villains (I'd say even one of the best characters) that were ever produced.

What defines a good villain is, IMO, cruelty, coldness, evilness and intelligence. And every villain that I listed above have these qualities in abundance.
Friend is the ultimate Villain. That's all I have to say.
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