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When you say the best villain, do u mean a villain that you can root for? A villain that pisses off so bad, you think hell isn't enough for a payback? Or a villain that scares the crap out of you even though you took one in the morning?

The best villain in terms of someone I can actually root for is prolly Chloe (Noir). I much rather see her succeed than Kirika. Her title may soon be overtaken by Freasha though (Jubei Chan 2).

The best villain in terms of really ticking me off would be Gauron (Full Metal Panic). How dare he abuse someone as special as Theresa. A close second would be Darcia (Wolf's Rain). What he did in those last episodes really angers me, and saddens me.

A lot of villains scares me but I don't have one that really stands out yet.
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