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Its rare I'll say a group is *bad* since they're supposedly doing it for the joy of it all (some clearly aren't though).

When I review subs, I'll generally focus on just describing the translation style and perhaps the fonts and colors chosen. Then people can make their own choices. Its rare anymore to see bad timing or other problems. I'll download everyone who's subbing it tonight during "capless happy hour" and try to review them tomorrow.

UPDATE: the only ones even remotely keeping up with the airings are Paradym and Aero. The others are behind so deferring on their work for now. Aero keeps playing around with their release formats in terms of containers, encodes, and default size --- they are OTOH offering nice compact MP4 files. Paradym's files are a bit large but consistent. I have these two on queue for download and I'll do a comparison of fonts & translations tomorrow since it looks like I'm too sick (bleh, cold virus) to go to class.

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