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Originally Posted by Cipher View Post
I had socks like that too. and with long arm to hand bands, were surprisingly comfortable., its not loose, it had garters.

After a week? You wear them for a week?
I wear knee high socks every day, ofc not an entire week with the same socks but usually on the 2nd day they start getting a little lose and after washing them one starts slipping and the other is soon to follow

I'll check out the sock glue then =)

I have another question now though, its about something I want to give my friend for Christmas but I don't know any good place to order it. I'm looking for the Saiunkoku novel vol. 1 to give to my friend, in English. I've never looked around for places where I could order English novels
Does anyone know a site? I don't use credit cards so that option is a no go, no Amazon then for me =P I use paypal though
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