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Originally Posted by -KarumA- View Post
I have another question now though, its about something I want to give my friend for Christmas but I don't know any good place to order it. I'm looking for the Saiunkoku novel vol. 1 to give to my friend, in English. I've never looked around for places where I could order English novels
Does anyone know a site? I don't use credit cards so that option is a no go, no Amazon then for me =P I use paypal though
Is your friend near you, or within mailing distance? Most decent-sized bookstores will be more than happy to order a book for you. Some will even have it shipped to your house.

You might consider a pre-paid card for online purchases. You generally have to be 18 to buy one, but if you aren't a parent can do it for you. Rates for some of these cards are ridiculous, but Wal-Mart now markets a pre-paid Visa card (backed by actual banking companies, of course) with very reasonable fees.

Originally Posted by -KarumA- View Post
Last question: what is your bust size?
I was looking at clothing on ebay and some clothes have like bust: 82 CM (a dress I saw had this measurement)
Now my question is cause me and my mom were a little confused about this, is it measured over your breasts or right below them.. cause really 82 cm is and then over your breasts.. you'd need chicken fillet breasts for that D: it would make more sense if it was right below cause then it would fit
Well, MY bust size is... Oh, wait, that wasn't what you were asking.

The bust size is measured over the the breasts/around the back at the point of greatest circumference. Measuring underneath the breasts is the band size/underbust/back measurement.

82cm doesn't seem terribly small. Consider that a European B cup is a difference of 14 - 16cm between the bust size and the band size. At said B cup, a bust size of 82cm means an underbust of 66 - 68cm (around 26 - 27"). That's definitely considered smaller these days, but quite within the realm of normality.

For reference, the Wikipedia article on brassiere measurements (useful for gleaning numbers for international measurement calculations like this):

Hm, this would not be my first overview of measuring for female clothing sizes here on AS. Why do I know this? Probably a combination of egotism and a severe interest in the subject matter.

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