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Tnx vexx and Zu_Ra.

I was also confused about the socks in the picture.

Found an interesting article regarding Japanese school uniforms

Loose Socks
Loose socks are a type of sock that is popular among young Japanese girls.

They are nearly always white and are very long, in some cases up to almost 2 meters. They are usually worn below the knee, held up with an adhesive called sock glue and sock touch, and somewhat resemble leg warmers. Loose socks are often paired with skirts above the knee, with a pair of mary janes or loafers.

Some girls in junior high school and high school wear loose socks with their school uniforms. Certain schools forbid pupils to wear loose socks at school, so girls from these schools will often change into loose socks and wear them outside the school campus. It is common to see girls chnging socks in the street, on trains and in fast food restaurants.

Erm.. why do they think loose socks are fashionable is beyooooond me!
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