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I wonder if the muttering was intentional though. We see "Priscilla" mutter something and Miria can't hear it, then Cassandra does the same thing and wanders off. It makes me wonder if that projection also influenced her as well, and she didn't leave with purpose so much as wander off in a strange mental state. Still, I doubt we'll see her again. You never know.

Either way...thank god this arc is over. Now we can (hopefully) get back to Clare and the real Priscilla, and all of the loose threads this arc took way too long to build up. The only thing I'm curious about now in regards to the current arc is what Dae, Rubel, and the remnants of the Org will do now that they're sitting on a pile of rubble and depleted of resources.

Also, I wonder if Hysteria was telling the truth about Teresa, or if that was Priscilla's memories blurring with hers.
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