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Originally Posted by KONIcchi View Post
Xenosaga Ep.II/III (maybe soe people said it's not a good music, but I think it suit the game really well...)
I'll second that. Not all the songs are brilliant, but there's a good number of them that are. Some may require the context of the game for their full impact, but there are others that stand very well on their own.

I'm listing some of my favourites here. Given that she's really the queen of using the voice as an instrument (i.e. not using real lyrics), I'll mark such vocal pieces with an asterisk (*).

Xenosaga II:
- "Image Theme of Xenosaga"* (mix of "In the Beginning, There was ..."* and "Fatal Fight"*)
- "Xenosaga Opening Theme" (along with the variations as Sakura's theme, and the vocal (real lyrics) ending theme "Sweet Song")
- "Jr"* (and a slower version "Jr#2"*, as well as instrumentals "Jr#3" and "Jr#4")
- "Here She Comes(KOS-MOS)"

Xenosaga III:
- "We've Got to Believe in Something"*
- "Promised Pain"*
- "Testament"*
- "Hepatica (KOS-MOS)"* (although I'm a bit fonder of the purely instrumental "Hepatica#2")
- "Godsibb"*
- "To the Last Place"

"We've Got to Believe in Something" and "Promised Pain" probably rank up there with "Mezame" as three of my favourite Yuki Kajiura vocal songs.
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