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Kajiura Yuki is among the best music composers out there (on par with Yoko Kanno & Nobue Uematsu). I must admit, her music style is weird at first (I had listened to one of the songs in .hack//SIGN OST and I was like, "why it sounds so different?") and I had troubles adapting to it at first. But after times, I grew attached to her music. Now I have collections of her songs from Noir, .hack//LIMINALITY, Chrno Crusade (I really love its ED- Chiba Saeko FTW) Madlax, Xenosaga II & Mai HiME; I'm going to add in more music masterpieces in my must-have list.

I knew that Kajiura Yuki had worked with NAMCO (now NAMDAI) as the composer of Xenosaga II. Now, I'd really like it if she could contribute her music in the next Ace Combat instalment; I find some of the songs really suit the game environment.

(pss... Zero, anyone?)

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