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Originally Posted by CrazyPerson View Post
Seeing as Lutecia's numbers and the relics having numbers, does anything think it's very likely that the number girls are actually personified relics? They both use the same latin numerals and I think it's too big of a coincidence to be anything else.

Actually... looking back on the containers in Ep6, I think that the girls are grown by Jail, but are empty shells that require something like souls. The relics could possibly be implanted in the number girls, bringing them to life with souls and magic powers.

The relics are souls of people that were sealed up, and Lutecia knew them before hand and are trying to free them now.

Welp, it's my crazy theory, what do you guys think?
Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
Hey, that's mine! Or something like that. Mine was something along the lines that Relics were crystallized magical energy or even crystallized mages or something, and that Scagliette's bringing them back to life by...implanting them, or reformating their structure.

Since the Drones were worked on the concept of implanting nano-JS inside machines, it wouldn't be surprising if it was just a basic concept for Numbers.

Naturally, there are minor issues. Fate didn't need any "soul-planting" for her to be her, and I'm not sure if they're implying that Jail's already got his hands on quite a number of Relics...

And don't you mean Jail's trying to free them? Lutecia only cares for ONE relic. Selfish, much?
sounds reasonable i was also think that perhaps the relics wasnt just crystals of mass power but rather contained personalities ~ kinda like the intelligent devices ~ lutecia isnt a relic creation like the others and acts as the boss within the group of people...maybe by freeing the relics they then work for lutacia to help her find her lost "friend" ~ while Dr spaghetti is trying to take advantage of their powers through lutecia...

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