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Chaos: It's only a problem for you, Chaos, because of that whole barrier jacket thing and damaging the soul. By the way, I agree with Keroko's assertion that all attacks cause physical damage and that barrier jackets probably emit something like an invisible personal forcefield that stops permanent damage. (Okay, I was late to the party to that discussion, so I felt like I should bring my support up somewhere. >.>)

Nightengale: You had that theory too? I didn't see you post it, or else I'd show my support. Anyway, I believe that implanting Alicia's memories and skills into Fate probably suffices as a "soul" of sorts, and since Fate is a clone, she probably inherited Alicia's magic tendencies as well.

Jail doesn't strike me as the one who's trying to free people. More like he would use them to his advantage. Lutecia maybe looking for one specific relic because it would really help her free the others maybe? Or that specific relic contains a family member/friend that's sealed away and is a higher priority than the other sealed people.

Hell, that leads me to another crazy theory. (Two in a row, I'm on a roll!)

Crazy Theory #3:I remember someone posting that Lutecia could be royalty (or at least someone important in some group or clan) so maybe Lutecia is the leader of a Carol type clan (or at least last living bloodline to the leader, making her de-facto leader) and all the numbers are actually her servants/clansmen (That's why they address her as Ojou and seem to be under her command). However, the one relic that Lutecia is looking for is a sealed family member/friend, making that one more precious than anything else (The only relic she cares about). Using my insane powers of random connection making, I suspect mysterious-loli-in-hospital to be the searched for friend (There's gotta be a reason the mysterious loli is in the story).

There you go. Eventually, when I stop being lazy, I'll link my first crazy theory in the episode thread 2 (I think) about Nakajima being guilty to Lost Logia smuggling to Jail's client mumblings to the corrupted arse-hole who is Anti- Hayate's Cosplay Brigade.
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