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Yeah I don't think there is a lot onimous about that military guy himself. Your fairly common short-sighted idiot, I mean calling Hayate a criminal. Sure they did massive damage to a city, but considering Hayate's firepower it could've been worst. Have to wonder what a guy is thinking going against anti-AMF projects during a time where AMF poses a serious problem. Though probably he's the type that thinks their power is so great an AMF doesn't mean anything. Secretary could be up to something (they usually are ) since controlling a person that stupid wouldn't be tough.

Interesting that Lutecia is just looking for a specific relic. So at least we've figured out the arrangement it seems. She'll help out with relic hunts in general. But if they find the one she's after it's hers to keep. In exchange she's getting help tracking down the relic's. Can't blame Agito and Zest for not liking the doctor, while his sources and drones are handy he isn't a guy I'd be putting trust in.

Yeah seems we'll get some answers with the Agito, Zest, Lutecia, and our mystery loli. People will get their nude Agito, though it's during a period where she's been injected by something weird and is suffering negative effects.
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