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Originally Posted by OhJustSomeRandomGuy
Just don't expect La Pucelle to advance the plot. La Pucelle came out in Japan one year earlier.

If you're waiting for a sequel, the game you want is called Fantasy Brave, which is being brought over by Nippon Ichi themselves.
Holy crap! they have another game coming out this year too! Thanks for the info seriously! Depending on how much I like these next two games Nippon Ichi just might dethrone my beloved Square-Enix for anticipated Rpg releases.

So I know La Pucelle was made before Disgaea but will it have any connection with Disgaea? Or should I say does Disgaea have connection with La Pucelle? But like I said I heard its not as good as Disgaea but I still really want it bad!

And this other game Fantasy Brave is it connected to disgaea's storyline? I saw some screenshots and there looks like theirs a guy that either is Laharl or looks just like him.
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