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Originally Posted by Excelion View Post
So how did Kenpachi get beat by this Royd guy again? He copied Bach's "memories and spirit". Kenpachi had no problem killing his brother who copies powers and abilities.
Because Royd was clearly alot stronger, and was a copy of someone far stronger than Kenpachi - hence he whooped Kenpachi really badly.

The more i think about this chapter the more it pisses me off. All this time the old man was hyped up as being the best of the best. So far Kubo has pissed over his character and if he dies now - what alame ending for him.

My only hope is he doesn't die and still has a chance to redeem himself in the end. If any1 should be the 1 to beat Juha Bach it should be him.

Also, i think this would be a good time for a flashback to the events of a 1000 years ago that lead to this incident. Its a good a time as any,
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