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aftyer watch both episodes at same time:

nice pokemon... ops card game series

we have pokeballs... ops card devices to "catch" your pokemon ops card creature

mc get his "pikachu" and a big boobs pikachu

mc team work with loli and fierce girl with her "pervert panther"

man serious, this is not a "card game" where the others cards???, a "card who trape others cards(pokeball) this is just a pokemon plagiarism for pervert teenagers with the mc already forming his "harem" with the loli and her "card companion", his big boobs female angel card companion and the fierce "ojou-sama"(lady) and even have a black hair half loli girl with crush on him.

for a "card game" setup anime this really dont looks like a "card game", looks like the poeples who gonna buy will be the perverts one.

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