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Ep 24 [END]

So... all that melodrama because Yukina suddenly lost her ability to read?

Really? *sigh*

Oh well, here ends another of STB where the casts save Itogami Island from like the what 4th or 5th island-ending catastrophe now? Not a whole to say aside for future related stuff since the rest of it was pretty typical for this series. Funny enough as i mentioned in the LN thread I still have a harder time buying Kojou becoming some sort ruler than him having harem end. The island itself does look pretty neat 20 years later though, but I imagine all of this won't be all that relevant to whatever future plot is coming beyond a easter egg of sorts.

All in all I can agree this was a pretty consistent show, it never rose above it's "middle of road like nature", but it never didn't dipped too low either. I still maintained it's first arc was probably where STB was best for me before Kojou reveal himself to be denser then I thought and harem antics dominated much of series. I really would also prefer some sort overarching plot to break the monotony that developed over the course of arcs due to how highly formulaic they were. It would have helped avoid some of the questionable writing issues such as Sayaka's very abrupt change in attitude too.

Otherwise a decent series in general with more untapped potential barely realized.
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