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Originally Posted by Ickarium View Post
Well, to be fair we don't know if she's always level headed.

Yukina's very level headed as well when not around Kojou during one of their episodes. It's really easy to be level headed when you're not the one being stressed by situations.

It's not like appearing near your mother and sneak-KO'ing her is exactly the best way. She could've just stolen a uniform when she wasn't there.
That's the other thing, who does that to their own family member? Does Reina have such a distaste for her mother that she would assault her? Maybe in Reina's mind she thought "This women won't listen to a thing I'd have to say, so I'll just knock her out and take her uniform to do what I came here to do." Makes me want to believe even more that Asagi or someone else had a much larger role in raising Reina instead of her birth mother.
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