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Originally Posted by Cao Ni Ma View Post
Well, the way I call it, the "Desired" culprit is Yasu. He/she is the one that fits in all the positions in just about every episode and he/she wants to be the culprit as well. Each chapter has accomplices or "Obvious" culprits depending on how you see things. Eva in EP3, Rosa in EP2, Natsuhi in EP5 (Battler/Beatrice are the desired culprits here), Kyrie/Rudolph in EP7s Tea Party.

We can interpret the obvious culprits or accomplices in a negative light (by judging them guilty of the things) or in a positive light (by keeping them in benevolent position). There's also a possibility that there is some sort of mastermind thats controlling things and Battler might be subconsciously alluding to them in the story. Trying to find them and then hiding them after EP5.
By the way, was just thinking about this...

Yasu cannot be the sole culprit if what was said at the end of EP7 is true. Remember how Lion was brought back to his world on the same night, and the murder spree was already under way? Bernkastel seemed to imply that even if Yasu was not an active agent, things would devolve into mass murder regardless.

Of course, Bernkastel could be just making stuff up, but it's more likely that she wields the truth to hurt people. She and Lambda like to do that sort of thing.

If it is to be believed then is the mass murder spree only a function of the various sibling conspiracies? Or is there one more conspiracy/faction we haven't figured out yet? Or some other new interaction that's guaranteed to happen as a result of removing Yasu/Lion's influence?

(Fat George should have no reason to murder as he's not going to marry Lion. We hope. Same with Jessica, although... we still really know nothing about her, right?)

Yasu's attitude with her plan to murder everyone depends on how much she saw this coming. If it was coming anyways then she's the one who co-opted the real murder spree for her own purposes, despite not being able to alter the outcome.

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