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Originally Posted by wavehawk View Post
...but Ange is more moe!
An older woman has her charms...

...but that's not the point here! I need proper girls for Shooting St@r and this is perfect! :3

Originally Posted by demino_hellsin View Post
Hard to top something that looks like the daughter of Kira Yamato and Nanoha Takamachi
Looks like I made a Nanoha reference without meaning it.

Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
@ Meister - WHOA! I WANNA SEE THAT! But why the hell are the wings so big?
The wings function together as a heat shield, a defensive weapon, manoeuvring, and providing flat-out thrust.

Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
@ Hawke - I sure hope she gets some modesty when she gets to IS academy. Maximillian would get killed by her dad if he saw her in the buff.
I think Max would get killed by Browning instead.

But I'll keep this in mind for her scenes.

Originally Posted by Detective-san View Post
Wing Zero EW huh? Just about the only thing I liked about Gundam Wing.
Wing Custom has been the only Gundam from that series which keeps resurfacing in my work too. Sometimes Heavy Arms appear.

Originally Posted by ZeroXSEED View Post
EDIT: So I'm the only one who has no official picture for my OC's I.S., how sad...
I only have pictures for a handful of OCs when my list counts in the hundreds, so that's more like the exception rather than the rule for me.

And Hawke, why on earth did you combine Iron Man with Batman in that short there? Marvel and DC was never supposed to mix!
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