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@ Stratos - I'll read that in a bit.

@ Zero - Weeks huh? That actually provides me with an alternate scenario.

I originally planned for Irish to go with Tatenashi to IS academy after their first mission but the healing time for the wounds also makes it possible that she takes him there to make it easier for him to heal since staying in a prison cell most likely isn't helping him. This also works as a bit of pet the dog since she's trying to help him get better even if she doesn't really know much about him. What do you think? Original plan or alternative?

@ Meister - Ooooh~ Clingy jealous girl tendencies showing? So is she another DFC or actually of average physique?

@ Stratos - She would call him Arisawa since she calls everyone by last name only with no honorifics. Even her own brother is called by last name. The only one she doesn't call like that in Shadow is Irish, and that's because he doesn't have a last name
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