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Originally Posted by StratoSpear View Post
She refers to him as either "Arisawa-kun" or simply "Arisawa", while Maya went out her own way calling him by his first name.

Then again, with them being teachers, Inami won't really have a say as to how they'll call him... or whatever proposition they have for him.
Hmm it's just that Chifuyu usually doesn't add suffix at the youngster, then again Inami isn't her student so it makes sense.

Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
@ Zero - Weeks huh? That actually provides me with an alternate scenario.

I originally planned for Irish to go with Tatenashi to IS academy after their first mission but the healing time for the wounds also makes it possible that she takes him there to make it easier for him to heal since staying in a prison cell most likely isn't helping him. This also works as a bit of pet the dog since she's trying to help him get better even if she doesn't really know much about him. What do you think? Original plan or alternative?
Alternate Scenario, top notch.

@ Meister

I beg to differ.....
My OTP is fucked up as expected
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