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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
I wasn't too surprised to find out Kogami was an inspector, as that explains the investigative skills he's displayed throughout the series as well as why he calls Ginoza "Gino", but I thought the man Ginoza was talking about was Masaoka at first.I'm pretty sure he also used to be an inspector. He's way too good at his job to be a simple enforcer.
No, you've understood everything wrong. Being an inspector doesn't mean to be a good detective. It' only to watch the Enforcers doing their job. If inspector thinks in the way Kogami does, he becomes an Enfocer.
And i've still thought, that Masaoka was a detective before Sibil system was established.

Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
In other news, we learned that Akane is only 20 years old (I don't think we knew her age before now). I knew she was young, but not that young. I'm amazed she's managed to become an inspector at such a young age.
You have watched episode 2, haven't you? She was talking so much with her classmates about it.
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