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Originally Posted by ArturEngel View Post
Maybe you're right, but Akane and Gino are totally zero at looking for clues and unterstanding criminals.

There wasn't any. She was chosen by Sibil as an inspector from about 500 people from the univesity and came on duty the day she was transfered.
It's been like less than a month, I'd say maybe two weeks that Akane's been at the job, so it's not surprising that she isn't as good as the seasoned veterans. Detectives rely a lot on experience and instinct, but that instinct is developed through experience, so it's just not fair to expect her to be able to solve cases.

As for Gino, he's more straight-laced. He does the obvious, like obviously the trace will result in a dummy, but it's still a necessity to search. He's a very by the book personality, so it's not surprising that when a case we're shown, which are far from the norm, all have special clues that normally you wouldn't find, unless you were able to think like a criminal, as is the case of Kogami. And it's obvious Gino tries very hard to not cross the line in his thinking, because he's seen what's happened to Kogami. I thought Kogami being Gino's partner was a perfect piece, that really explained Kogami's character extremely perfectly. And it also explains why Gino wants Akane to just be a guard over the enforcers, and not try to become like them, because it could result in her being demoted.

Akane right now is definitely travelling down the path of trying to understand Kogami, but in doing so leaves her extremely vulnerable. I mean, in the first episode she sympathized with the woman, but too strong of a belief in her own justice might mean trouble for her with Sibyl in the future, so it's all pretty interesting stuff.
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