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Originally Posted by Rayneing View Post
I was disappointed that they didn't take Mido alive at the end (still not sure if it's even possible for the Enforcers/Inspector to override the Dominator's lethal setting), especially after they overheard part of the conversation he had with Makishima. A living criminal can always be interrogated after all, and I would've thought the conversation would make it clear that Mido was not acting alone.

It was nice to see more of Kogami's detective instinct, and how he was able to pick up on that fact that Spooky Boogie was replaced moments after the conversation ended. Was not at all surprised at Ginoza's revelation that Kogami used to be an Inspector, although I am surprised to hear he was his partner. I would've thought that'd be Masaoka, and I'm still left wondering what relationship those two had? Is Masaoka a former Inspector himself or not?

I wonder what on earth Makishima had planned that might've included the kind of skills Mido would provide. Whatever he's plotting seems to be bigger than any kind of net-related scam that I would think Mido's ability to impersonate net Avatars would provide (also I would think the show's only villain so far would have bigger plans than that). Whatever it was, Mido didn't match up to his standards in the end.

Really enjoying this show thus far, and I can't wait for next week's episode.
you need to understand that while they view themselves as detectives, they aren't. Their jobs is not to investigate crimes but to simply bring people in for therapy if their Psycho-pass is over the limit and if its too high simply eliminate them. People who are killed are simply seen as errors in the Sibyl system to be quarantined and removed. So the names "Inspector" and "Enforcer" is pretty accurate. They don't deal with stuff life drug trade or rape or w/e unless one of the members involved are scanned to be over the acceptable limit for their Psycho-pass.
They aren't the police, they don't "arrest people" or bring them in for questioning, their department deals with solely with enforcing the Sibyl system
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