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Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
And regarding competitors, considering that China is having a shitfit over online gaming, expect widespread delays on gacha game releases for the next year or so.
That is probably only apply for China though, I mean, both Korea and Japan do have their own lineup in development.
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Super feel this one. I wouldn't play Genshin if it wasn't single-player. Mihoyo has nothing to fear from other competitors unless they're single-player as well. All the people I know who play Genshin IRL are busy professionals. They don't have time for guilds, raids, Discord, weekly point targets, arguing with no-life team members and all the other drama that comes from MMOs and team-based games.
I think this is pretty much the common sentiment among those who leave MMOs and even among those who stay, I remember an interview before with some game developers 2 or 3 years ago admit that large raid and dungeon is no longer a thing simply people don't have the time for it and hating to find teams with under requirement gears and knowledge.
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I honestly don't think that's likely the reason. They spend a ton of money on marketing initiatives that are based on an element of surprise and being able to control the message, and then they have beta testers who are breaking their legal contract and sites like this one that are stealing their IP and profiting off of it (5 figures, by their own admission). It really doesn't have to be anything about capitalizing on monopoly, or making dolphins spend more through banner blindness, or whatever. It can simply be because (and in my experience usually is because) someone at the very top is frustrated by these leakers breaking the rules and tells the legal department to do something about it.

There are plenty of other reasons to keep future developments close to the vest: maximizing the marketing value of immediate call to actions, coordinating timed reveals with media partners, avoiding the perception of "promises" when development situations change, and so on. But people have really fixated onto this one theory as if it's the unified theory of everything companies do, and while it may well be "a" factor that's considered sometimes, it's just way too over-simplistic to attribute everything to one single reason. While it's good for people to be suspicious of corporate motives and aware of the manipulative elements of various business models, there's a risk of it turning into conspiracy theories and paranoia too.
Like i said before, it's more like half and half situations, I still think the majority of the reasons is to encourage dolphins spending, But this could also be a kind of promotions for companies with IP looking to collab. Again, the main reasons where i saw it is just profit in my eyes, And, like you said, simply might because someone get frustrated by people breaking the rules. But I also noted it before that this is more because MHY spend so much money and effort to hunt leakers, despite this is entirely on MHY, If they don't want leaks, they can simply opt to choose internal beta testers, but they decided to cut cost and gone to public for testers, so from where I see it, they should have expect leaks coming with their choice.
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