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Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
*sigh* Duh. I know that. You're not following my train of argument. What I am trying to say is that the boiler room door is not the only entrance not explicitly said to be locked, yet you're obsessed over that one entrance. The only reason it gets more scrutiny is because you are assuming that one (arguably not) ambiguous line in episode 1 says that the door has no lock on it.
Sigh you can't get a clue when someone just wants to drop an argument... okay then...

There was no need to go over the windows in every case because they basically skimmed through the six rooms, but that means it is implied they are in the same condition. However the boiler room was not in the same condition as the other rooms because it was supposed to have another door which required a special mention since the other rooms did not have a door leading to the internal courtyard. Courtyard that was stated to be connected to the Mansion by doors devoid of any lock.

This is what was stated. The idea that the door to the boiler room was an exception to that statement is just your own unsupported assumption.

P.S. What is that supposed to mean that I'm "obsessed" with that door? I'm not even the one who brought this argument up. If it's just because I'm insisting on my point, you are as obsessed as I am. Refrain from adding unnecessary comments on my persona please. Let's try to keep a civil tone at least.

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