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It depends on what the truth actually is though. I dont see how you could sympathize with someone that would murder your whole family in cold blood and actually find some sort of cruel joy out of it. This "Beatrice" is the one Battler hates in EP1-4. In EP5 Beatrice is completely different from the get go and Battler is lost in how he should act about her for most of the episode. Once he finds out the truth he switches sides.

In EP6 he wants the old Beatrice back, probably because he feels like he wanted to thank or ask for her forgiveness. Kinda like what Kinzo experiences in EP7 and probably before that as well.

So it comes down to this, If you think that Yasu is an actual murderer then Battler is quite irrational with his feelings for Beatrice. If he thinks that Beatrice was just a pitiful person that wrote some stories to vent his/her anger then its not that bad. If she actually did nothing and the image of Beatrice is something that was created to hide a painful truth then its even better.
Yasu has to be a criminal considering the "count down" in episode 7. That Claire commented on the horrible crimes that she/he would commit.

Though what implies that Yasu just wrote a few tales and just playing with Battler? Didn't the games begin when the Ushiyomiya family went to purgatory where the Witch's reign.

My simple theory to the whole story in its simplest form when reading through it

-rokkenjima incident happens(Yasu killed everyone )
-everyone dies
-Yasu keeps the whole family within purgatory with the power of witches in the form of games. That Yasu wants Battler to realize the truth even in death.

Which would explain why Battler gave up on returning to his little sister once he knew the truth. He isn't leaving and it certainly explains his passive attitude towards Ange with the key without any intentions of leaving. Either giving her the choice to die to join them or give her a chance at life.

Though I bet that the latter half of Ep 8 would probably disprove my theory since I bet the end will be ambiguous as hell. Although I have been right about the culprit, and the word play in Ep3.
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