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"Purgatory" is Battler's mind as he tries to to find out what the truth is. Everything in the meta world could be some metaphorical construction of Battler getting his ideas straight of what might or might not have happened. For all we know, a game was made that wasn't entirely deadly and someone hijacked it. Maybe Battler himself is the one that killed everyone! Maybe it really was Kyrie and Rudolph! We dont know, what we do know is that someone wrote some tales. Thats really all we can be sure off.
It may be some tales written though I do think the game was set up from the start, it just continued since Yasu became the endless witch thanks to Lamba.

Of course there still might be the possibility that Beatrice actually carried out a murder game. This doesn't make much sense in light to how Battler has acted or how some of the later scenes with Ange play out.
Though doesn't it fit the general mentality of Yasu? That the first game was a failure however through Lamda he/she is allowed to recreate the game endlessly.

Anyway which scenes do you mean exactly?

Originally Posted by AuraTwilight View Post
Yasu wrote a series of fictions in which she becomes a witch and kills everyone, releasing them to the public.

Yasu also constantly boasts that Battler should believe in her so he doesn't have to blame his relatives.[/COLOR]
Yasu is extremely deranged, it is possible that Yasu wrote them as way to express herself in a way she couldn't.

More so we know with two other women such as Kirie/Natsuhi that they both wrote into a book to express their feelings. I feel that Yasu did that fro the same reasons. That he/she wrote them and threw into the ocean as way to express her/his feelings.

Also Yasu constantly boasts that Battler should believe in witches since that is part of the game he/she created. It been mentioned in Claire's confession that talking with Gaap that she entertains the thought of making murders look like magic.

Yasu is taking the fall for someone else.
Depending on the game, I do think that someone is making use of Yasu's game to cover their own actions.
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