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Originally Posted by Cao Ni Ma View Post
Well you need to do is think that she's innocent and some possibilities open up. What leads me to believe (want!) that she's innocent is how the episode portrays her. Its really easy to distrust and even hate Rosa in EP2, so it would have been a good twist to actually have her be innocent in the end and she's unwittingly aiding the culprit in her actions.

Lying about Kinzo is easy enough, what would happen if she really is innocent and everyone else found out that Kinzo is dead or missing?
Haha, I think RK07 spent his chance to use this twist on episode 1, where Natsuhi was suspicious but innocent.

Sure, you can force Rosa to be innocent if you try hard enough, but you have to pile up numerous awkward explanations in order to do that. It's hard to tell exactly how deeply involved Rosa is, though.

Originally Posted by Renall View Post
Doesn't ep2 sort of suggest Rosa may have actually met Beatrice in person right at the start, and then again later? Granted, she might not know who she is, but unless that part was all complete jack, she'd met her before she had opportunity to lie about Kinzo.
It does suggest she met her, but you know... could be jack.

I don't think it's that strong of a theory. If you have a better explanation for Rosa's behavior in episode 2 then I would love to hear it.

EDIT: Oh yeah.

Originally Posted by Cao Ni Ma View Post
This would work but only if she thinks that Beatrice is not one of the people already on the island. After the second twilight there was only one woman that could have mascaraed as Beatrice
There's also Kanon, who could pass as a woman , and his whereabouts were unknown.
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