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Haha, I think RK07 spent his chance to use this twist on episode 1, where Natsuhi was suspicious but innocent.

Sure, you can force Rosa to be innocent if you try hard enough, but you have to pile up numerous awkward explanations in order to do that. It's hard to tell exactly how deeply involved Rosa is, though.
It would be a concurrent theme though

EP1 and EP5 with Natsuhi, EP2 with Rosa, EP3 with Eva. Hell even Battler in EP5 draws the fire to himself at one point.

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EDIT: Oh yeah.

There's a metaphorical scene near the end of the game where Ange figures out the truth herself. Its heavily implied that this either causes her to commit double murder/suicide or causes her to go slightly derange and turn herself into a writer and orphanage owner that idolizes Beatrice.

There's also Kanon, who could pass as a woman , and his whereabouts were unknown.

There is a certain scene in EP2 that foreshadows Beatrice 2, she might really think that this Beatrice might be doing the actual crimes too.

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Anyway which scenes do you mean exactly?
Its a metaphorical scene near the end of the game where Ange finds out the truth. This leads to one of two implied endings. In one she commits double murder and suicide after apparently falling into despair. The other one she becomes a writer, writing children stories with a character like Sakutarou as the protagonist. She also owns an orphanage where Beatrice seems to be idolized. I dont know, seem somewhat deranged of her.

Neither of these seem to be possible if the truth was just "Random maid in the island was actually the head of the family and she murdered everyone after having a existential crisis over which cousin he/she would have preferred to bone"

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