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Originally Posted by MercFH View Post
Im curious are there any other Ruka fans....I mean I love Yuka, but Ruka rocks too(she's my fav)
Just curious....does she get any more attention in the manga (im currently on volume 3)
and I <3 her..cause she's so like ....Whutevaa /tsundere
kinda like me :-P

oh btw can someone answer me this

also i noticed the "class president"? for the day class seems to like Ruka...but I never noticed that in the manga.....did I miss something? (at least he wanted Ruka to give him a chocolate for valentines day? lol)

btw Headmaster....whuts his deal, can anyone explain him.....
does he play a bigger role ever? he's pretty funny I must admit and like my third fav character
So far my fav chararacters are Ruka>Yuki=Kaname>>Headmaster>Zero>the others

if anyone can answer my questions i'll be super appreciative. THANKS!!!!!!
Well let me see, I havent read the manga in forever, so excuse my poor memory if I am wrong but regarding kanamexruka:
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